Getting Help During the Ride

All of this information will be on the route sheet we hand out only on ride day, but just in case you were curious...

• We have medical support at all of our official rest stops. In case of serious trouble we call 911. (They know the local roads and hospitals best).

• If you need a lift with your bike, the phone number of our bike ride HQ will be on your route sheet and on the rider I.D. wristbands we give you. NOTE: If you have an unusually large or heavy bike (e-bike, tandem, trike, recumbent) that's FINE, but please let our HQ office know that when you call so we can send the right vehicle to help you.  

Please be SURE you know where you are BEFORE you call. Phone apps like Google Maps can be a huge help here.

• If you need help on the road be sure you are standing in a safe spot. Turn your bike upside down and rest it on the seat and handlebars -- that lets our crew know that you need assistance.

Pro bike mechanics are at all of our start lines and official rest stops. Basic tweaking is free. If you need parts (and our mechanic happens to have that obscure piece that you need) you pay the mechanic directly for that. Please note that our mechanics are superb, but if your bike needs major surgery it may be more than we can do properly in a parking lot.

NOTE: E-bikes are welcome on this ride, but our wonderful mechanics specialize in non-motorized bicycles.