Prices and How to Register

How much is all this luxury and fun going to cost? 

The price varies a bit depending on when you sign up and which options you like most, but here’s a ROUGH guide. Remember that there is NO fundraising required for this ride.

Ride Registration

$99 - $200

Day-of price - too high for us to count. Just the thought makes us dizzy. (That’s not a punishment -- the lower prices are a reward to encourage people to register in advance, which makes our jobs easier).

Kids 12 and under ride free on the 25-mile route ONLY. (Regular prices for the longer routes. If your child is pedaling 108 miles, that ain’t no kid -- that’s a future world champion!)

Don’t forget that this ride is one-way -- it ends in Montauk, and you’ll need a way to get home again.  You can get picked up by a friend, or you can take our OPTIONAL transportation home from Montauk after the ride for your bike and you: $65 - $200.  You can NOT take your bike home on the train this weekend.  (LIRR rules, and they mean it!)

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How to Register For the Ride

We do all of our registration on-line -- there is no mail-in, fax-in, or walk-in registration. We use a private company called Red Podium to handle registration.  You’ll find this logo on every page of our web site:

When you click on the logo it will take you to our registration web site. We use a secure internet site to collect your registration information, so your privacy is safe.

You will be asked for your name and address, plus information on your ride preferences: where you want to go for morning check-in (Manhattan, Babylon, Mastic-Shirley...), if you want to buy a racing jersey...  At the end of registration you will be asked for your credit card information. Yes, you can use a friend’s card (with their permission, of course!)

Please be SURE to read all the info here on refunds, credits, cancellations...

Our on-line registration company, Red Podium, charges a modest service fee, just like TicketMaster. We don’t get any of that money.

You have NOT spent ANY money, and you have NOT registered until you click the OK button and see a confirmation message on your computer screen.  Be sure to look for that on-screen registration confirmation -- if you don’t see it, you ain’t registered!  (Every year a few people get 90 percent of the way through registration, bail out for some reason, and then can’t figure out why they aren’t on the morning check-in list on ride day!)

After you register you will ALSO receive a confirmation via email, sent to the email address you gave us during registration. If you don’t get that confirmation email then something is wrong! Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to help.

After registration, EVERYONE should go back to this web site to read all about where to show up on ride day, when, what to bring, our incredibly unfair rules...

If you are having trouble registering, it MIGHT be because you are trying to register from your office. Many corporations set up computer firewalls to protect you from fun at work. Try another computer outside the office. If you get stuck, you can email us at and we’ll do our best for you.

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Photo by Leeann Kartashevsky

Registration Deadlines

On-line registration: We expect the ride to sell out before ride day, but we’ve been wrong before. In any case registration will end no later than Monday September 9th at noon. (Why do we end on-line registration “early”? We need time to print out all the registration info and make copies so it can be ready for ride day, and that takes serious time!)

Day-of registration: Available at all check-in locations at a much higher price for all routes and distances. Souvenir jerseys, T-shirts, and socks (if available) still cost extra. The higher day-of price is not to be mean (being mean is just an extra added benefit for the cranky ride HQ staff). No, the day-of price is high to encourage you to sign up in advance, which makes running the ride much easier for us!  

Note that we used to have some folks who would wait until the day of the ride to register as a from of rain insurance -- they wanted to guarantee a sunny day.  You can still do that if you wish, but we now also offer real rain insurance as an option!  All the details here.