Driving Directions & Parking Info

Driving Directions to the Babylon Check-In Location

You can get driving directions here.

Parking at the Babylon Check-In

There are two parking lots to choose from at Babylon.

There is one parking lot just to the west of the train station on Trolley Line Road, across from the high school's athletic field, and it is FREE. (It is also covered with signs warning you not to park between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., and that you always park at your own risk).


There is another lot right next to the check-in area at the train station. This is where you should park if you are leaving your car overnight.

If you park in this lot, even for a short time, you MUST pay, or you WILL get a parking ticket. (No, we don't get the money.) The parking is cheap -- a couple bucks for the whole day. They have one of those electronic machines where you must buy a ticket and put it on your dash to prove that you've paid. Please note that you are responsible for paying for your own parking. (Friendly hint: bring some $1 bills with you for the parking machine. Show up with only a twenty and you’ll have to stand in line at the LIRR ticket window for change.)

NOTE: This lot closest to the train station tends to fill up first because, well, it’s closest to the train station.  That means that if you MUST park here, because you are leaving your car overnight, you better get here early before all of those spaces are gone.

Driving Directions for the Brooklyn Check-In Location

Brooklyn check-in is located at the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush. I wouldn’t DRIVE here -- there’s not many places to park. LOTS of subway lines stop here -- the  2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q, and R (subject to schedules which I won’t begin to pretend to understand...)  

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Photo by Jeff Blye

Driving Directions to the Mastic-Shirley Check-In Location

You can get driving directions by clicking here.

There is free parking at the station. You can leave your car there overnight, with the usual caveat -- we are not responsible, etc. etc.

Driving Directions and Parking for the Manhattan Check-In

Geez, I wouldn’t recommend it! If you MUST drive in Manhattan, you may be able to find free parking in the west 20s and 30s. There are also a couple expensive parking lots nearby.

Don’t forget that the Manhattan check-in is located at the corner of W. 31st Street and 8th Avenue, in front of Madison Square Garden, BUT... the place where you pick up your bike after the ride is at W. 33rd Street between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue -- a couple blocks away from morning check-in.  You can decide which you’d rather park closer to -- morning check-in or evening bike pick-up.  

Driving Directions and Parking for East Hampton

This is only for a very few of you, and you know who you are!  Unless you are SURE you belong here, stop reading right now and go get some pie.

In East Hampton:

Living Waters Church

69 Industrial Road

Wainscott, NY

You can get driving directions here.

Remember that there is NO transportation offered back to this location after the ride, so if you leave your car here you need your own way to get back unless you get a lift from a friend.

Driving and Parking for the Finish Line in Montauk

This is vital stuff -- please take note.

There is absolutely, positively no parking OR standing OR stopping at the finish line. We’re not trying to be unreasonable here -- there’s just no room, and the police WILL be ticketing people who attempt it. Please don’t get ticketed!

There is parking at the Montauk Lighthouse. Parking there costs about $8. (We don’t get any of that money). We do offer a free shuttle between the lighthouse and the finish line for people and for bikes. The shuttle runs about every 20 minutes, starting at noon and ending at 8 p.m.