Photo of Glen, your tour director and humble servant, on a good day at the office. Hard to be sure, but I am probably saying, “I love all of you, but as soon as I find out who is on the other end of this walkie-talkie I’m going to kill them.”

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Hey, What Am I Doing On THIS Page?

Glen here, your tour director and humble servant.

I love hearing from you -- it’s probably the best part of the job. But when it starts to get busy, it can be hard to answer every email as fast as we would like.  Or ever.

So we’ve brought in help answering your emails in the form of the over-talented Anne Shaw (who also runs our Manhattan check-in for most rides).

Here’s the dirt:

If you have a QUESTION (how to register, where to show up, how the routes work, how to get home from the ride, more info on anything on this web site) please contact Anne here:

She’s just as smart as I am, a hell of a lot nicer, and DRASTICALLY faster to reply.

Anne is ALSO the person to contact if you need ACTION -- a ride credit, refund, mailing issue...

• • •

If you are writing to tell me how charming I am, or have a suggestion, comment, or criticism, please contact me directly here:

Hey Glen, how come your phone number isn't here?

That's easy! Because when we used to list it, I would get a lot of phone calls at 1 a.m. from people who wanted to know which brand of bicycle tire I thought was best. If you really want to chat on the phone just send me an email with your phone number and I'll be happy to reach out during sane hours!

About two days before the ride we stop answering email all together. (Why?  Because we are crazy busy, and have a choice between putting on the ride or answering more email, and we think it’s more important to put on the ride.)