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Photo by Nancy Wayes

We do NOT load bikes on Sunday at the train station any more (because it was costing us a fortune and because we weren’t having any fun.)

If you are staying overnight after the ride we recommend that you check in your bike with us at the finish line on Saturday for pick-up in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Babylon, Hampton Bays, or Mastic-Shirley on Sunday any time between 9 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Staying Overnight in Montauk

Many of our riders like to stay overnight in Montauk after the Saturday ride, and then head home on Sunday.

The BEST place to stay is at the lovely Montauk Bungalows right next to the finish line.

The Montauk Chamber of Commerce also offers a list of places to stay -- you can see it here.

Of course there are certainly other places to stay too.

Remember that according to LIRR rules, NO bicycles can be brought on the train going home from Montauk THIS WEEKEND (that means Saturday or Sunday, even after we are long-gone). If you are staying overnight after the ride, there are only three way to get home with your bike on Sunday:

• Get picked up by a friend

• Have your own car

If you want to leave your car in Montauk before the ride, you can leave it at the Montauk LIRR train station.  Of course you park at the station at your own risk.

Do NOT park in the lots of nearby restaurants -- your car will be towed and then incinerated.

• Check your bike with us after the ride on Saturday, then take the train home on Sunday.

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