Your Ride-Day Info

108-Mile Riders

EVERYBODY who does the 108-mile route begins pedaling from the same place:

The Babylon Train Station

Deer Park Ave & Railroad Ave

Babylon, NY 11702

There are several ways to get there:

If you live close by you can pedal there.

You can drive your car there with your bike. Driving directions here. Plenty of free parking next to the train station; plenty of inexpensive parking right at the front of the station.

If you choose to drive yourself there you should show up at 6:00 a.m.

You can check in at our Manhattan or Brooklyn start lines and we will transport your bike and you for free to the Babylon station. Will you be traveling by bus? Train? What do you care! Just show up, stand still, smile, and let us take extra-good care of you.

IF you want to check in at one of those places and be transported to the Babylon station, here are the times you should show up:


W.31st Street and 8th Avenue

3:30 a.m. (Yes, it’s too early. Yes, we’re nuts.)


Atlantic Avenue & Flatbush Avenue

3:15 a.m.  (Yes, it’s too early. Yes, we’re nuts.)

WARNING -- There is only ONE route that we expect to sell out, and it is the 108-mile route with morning check-in in Brooklyn.

If you already signed up for this distance/start line, you’re fine.

If you want to SWITCH to this distance/start line, please let us know now by clicking here and giving us your full name (and the full names of anyone else in your crew).

If you just show up unannounced on ride day for the Brooklyn/108-mile start line we will do our best, but no guarantee!

IF it fits your schedule we recommend that you check in the day before. If it doesn’t fit your schedule, DON’T worry!

ALL cyclists end at the same place in Montauk for the finish line, no matter which distance you pick.